STARS Self-Reported Testing and Academic Record System
  STARS - Self-Reported Testing and Academic Record System
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For Students

We understand that the college admissions process can be stressful. STARS enables you to electronically self-report your academic record online. No more guesswork wondering if a college received your records.

Your self-reported information is transmitted electronically and securely to colleges or universities to which you apply, giving you immediate confirmation that your record has been received.

By self-reporting your grades and test scores, you save your school paper, printing costs, postage and labor. If you can access your school record on-line, we strongly encourage you to do so and save paper.

Feel good knowing that you're being environmentally friendly by saving paper, trees, and energy costs (no postal transportation of your transcript from your high school)!

We will only send your records to participating colleges in secure electronic fashion. No paper!



"The STARS app is easy to use and it's great to know that the schools definitely get my records."
Matt - Student

"What a great concept."
Joanne - Student


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