STARS Self-Reported Testing and Academic Record System
  STARS - Self-Reported Testing and Academic Record System
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For High Schools

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Go green: save paper, trees, labor, postage, and energy costs!

Students can easily fill out and submit their STARS record for participating colleges and universities using their high school transcript and testing information. Since all STARS information is verified by the college in which the student enrolls, record accuracy is ensured--based on actual verification results.

Tracking: for the spring/fall 2011 admissions cycle, you can login and track your students who have started/completed STARS records.

No high school system requirements: students can use STARS no matter what system you are using at your school-- students only need internet access.

For Colleges

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STARS records are automatically matched to student applications, saving labor and creating opportunities for cost savings or reallocation of staff time to more strategic operations.

  • No paper filing/management
  • No manual lookup to match academic records with host system records
  • Students receive immediate confirmation of record receipt. Your school's application status screen can also be updated automatically.
Records are presented in a uniform and easy-to-read layout, making application review and staff training easier.

Records can be automatically imported into popular integrated student information systems as well as imaging systems.

We invite you to contact us for a demo of STARS or to answer any of your questions.



"STARS has proven to be a tremendous time saver in my department. The reduction in incoming mail processing alone has been worth it."
Denise - Admissions Officer

"Our students like the feeling of being empowered and knowing that they have some control over their admissions process."
Richard - Guidance Counselor


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