STARS Self-Reported Testing and Academic Record System
  STARS - Self-Reported Testing and Academic Record System
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Welcome to STARS

The Self-reported Testing & Academic Record System. STARS empowers you to enter, track, and submit your academic record and test scores to the colleges and universities to which you have applied automatically. Learn how it works »

For Students

You can fill out and send your self-reported information electronically and securely to colleges or universities to which you have applied. Learn more »

For Parents

You can easily confirm that your child's academic records have been successfully sent to any participating STARS college or university. Learn more »

For High Schools & Colleges

Academic records are sent and received electronically, reducing the need for postage, paper storage, handling, and shredding or recycling. Learn more »

STARS Participating Colleges and Universities

The following schools are currently accepting STARS records from students:


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SCS is proud to be an environmentally friendly company.
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